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Connect a Paratext Project



Paratext projects only need to be connected once within Scripture Forge.

After a Paratext project is connected to Scripture Forge, every user that is a member of the project in Paratext (under User Permissions) will be able to open the project in Scripture Forge.

To be able to open a project in Scripture Forge, a user just needs to login to Scripture Forge with their Paratext account information.

How to Connect a Paratext Project to Scripture Forge

  1. If you have never connected a project to Scripture Forge:

    1. Click the Connect project button:

  2. If you have already connected a project to Scripture Forge, follow these instructions to connect any additional projects:

    1. Click on the Scripture Forge navigation pane:

    2. The navigation page may also look like this:

    3. Click Connect project:

  3. Click in the Paratext Project drop-down:

  4. Choose the project that you want to connect:

  5. Optional: If you want to use Translation suggestions or view another project/resource beside your project:

    1. Click the Source text area:

    2. Select the source project:

  6. Optional: Enable translation suggestions (#1 below)

  7. Optional: Enable Community Checking (#2 above)

  8. Click Connect:

  9. Wait for Scripture Forge to connect the Paratext project:

  10. Scripture Forge may take a while to connect your project, the green progress bar will stop moving when your project is fully connected:

Note: You may be able to work in Scripture Forge before it is fully connected.